Why should designers research

I started as a user researcher in a large company back in 2015 and quickly realized that my insights were getting lost in translation as they passed through the ears of several products managers and designers. Was I doing a terrible job at it? May be! But the itch to implement my learnings from users into meaningful product ideas was real. I switched roles to a designer position and as fate would have it, I didn’t have a researcher on the team, and thus, was doing some remote usability studies along with improving my design chops.

Since then, call it luck or a conscious choice I have had opportunities where I have been conducting both qualitative and quantitative user research to assess my designs. This writing is just a reflection on why design generalists might be a good addition to a design team and more companies should be taking that direction -

What’s in it for me (the designer)

  1. It makes you a more skilled designer/researcher.

What’s in it for them (hiring company)

  1. You get one person for the cost of two (kidding!)

Hope those are enough reasons for companies to open up more design generalist roles and for designers to get involved in roles that go beyond their core strengths. Let me know what you think in the comments below :)

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